3 Cousins INTs; Vikings Fall to Falcons 40-23

By Adam Roberts – 10/19/2020

Driving into work this morning, the guys on Keyshawn, JWill, and Zubin were discussing the worst teams in the NFL, and after the obvious first of the worst in the New York Jets, the conversation went to who would be right behind them or closest to tying them. I can’t remember who said it, but the Minnesota Vikings and Atlanta Falcons were both brought up. Atlanta shouldn’t surprise many, with their 0-5 start and the firing of both their head coach and GM as sure a sign as any that they could compete for the title of worst in the league.

But Minnesota being included in that conversation likely raised many eyebrows. After all, this is a Minnesota team that is only three years removed from the “Minneapolis Miracle” and being a game away from the Super Bowl in their home stadium, and just last year, they went into New Orleans and got an overtime playoff win in the Superdome.

But fast forward to 2020, and the Vikings have too many problems to list. They were without their leading rusher this week, and the play of Dalvin Cook’s backup left plenty to be desired. Quarterback Kirk Cousins¬†finished 24 of 36 for 343 yards with a pair of touchdowns to rookie Justin Jefferson, but had three interceptions as well in the 40-23 loss that drops Minnesota to a head scratching 1-5 going into the bye.

After the loss,¬†Cousins said he’s aware that he won’t be the quarterback to finish the season if he keeps throwing interceptions the way he has been, and head coach Mike Zimmer did not comment on whether he would consider replacing Cousins due to his inaccuracy. It stands to reason Cousins won’t be benched just yet; placing backup Sean Mannion into the starting role with a November 1st game against the currently 4-1 Green Bay Packers would be a ruthless move. However, it’s safe to say defenses aren’t exactly shaking in their boots when they see the Vikings on their schedule at the moment.

Referring back to the original point of the article, I think there are some other teams we need to consider for second worst in the NFL. The Football Team comes to mind, along with the team that “beat” them this week in the Giants; even the Jaguars could fill that role, having lost five straight following a Week One win and looking like they have no idea with what to do at the quarterback position. However, should Minnesota, and Cousins in particular, look as hapless in the Packer-Viking game November 1st, maybe they DO start #TankingforTrevor. Me personally, I wouldn’t go that far just yet.