Sid Hartman, MN Sports Columnist, Dies at Age 100

By Adam Roberts – 10/19/2020

If you grew up on Minnesota sports at any point in the last 75 years, you are likely familiar with the work of Sid Hartman.

The Minneapolis native was a staple of sports in the Golden Gopher state since he first starting selling newspapers in the late 20s, and chances are you’ve read one of his over 21,000 bylined stories. The Star Tribune is probably the most recognized news sources in the state, and Hartman was one of their most recognized columnists.

Patrick Reusse penned a heart-felt tribute today that tells the story of the 100 year old far better than I could hope to do, but as someone who is still in the early stages of the industry of sports broadcasting and journalism, I can only hope to be half the intrepid reporter Sid was. I’ve always hoped that my interviews can have a little touch of personality, to avoid feeling like I’m just going through the motions of conversations, in an attempt to build relationships and connections much in the same way Sid did. His commitment to the craft was largely unparalleled; I might look at a station manager crazy if they asked me to report for $11.50 a week, but in the 40s, it was a pleasure for Hartman just to get himself back in the reporting world. I’d bet he’d probably have taken the job for half that salary.

From the Vikings, to the Twins, North Stars/Wild, Timberwolves, Golden Gophers, and every team in-between, Hartman always delivered. And no doubt, his legacy will inspire new generations of journalists and reporters to strive for his level of commitment to the industry.