MLB Free Agency Begins

By Adam Roberts – 10/29/2020

Football, football, football. That’s about all that get’s covered in the window between the end of the World Series and the start of NBA basketball. Honestly, even before and after these dates football still reigns supreme across all levels. But we can’t forget about America’s Past Time, and in the wake of the Dodgers defeating Tampa Bay four games to two to clinch their first Fall Classic since 1988, we now begin the MLB offseason.

As it pertains to Milwaukee, the biggest question mark for the organization is probably the decision of whether or not to re-sign lefty starting pitcher Brett Anderson. He is the lone Brewer hitting the open market this offseason, and he went 4-and-4 with a 4.21 ERA in 11 games this past season, including 10 starts. The team will have to make tough decisions this year with the tightened budget that most teams are dealing with, but Anderson could still be worth bringing back; he didn’t get the max amount of time to show what he could do this year dealing with a blister injury twice, but did turn in eight really good starts out of his 11 appearances.

In addition, regular Sports Lead guest and Reviewing the Brew Editor-in-Chief David Gasper wrote an article earlier this week on the possibility that Milwaukee pursues former first baseman Eric Thames, who’s option with the Washington Nationals was declined. While Dave concluded that the Brewers likely wouldn’t try to sign the former fan favorite, it does stand to reason that if any position on the field needs improvement for the Crew, first base likely would be the spot. The team alternated back and forth between Jedd Gyorko and Daniel Vogelbach at the end of the year, and while this was better than the difficulties of Justin Smoak, surely the team would certainly prefer a more consistent solution.

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