Packers’ Home Games Fanless For Rest of 2020

By Adam Roberts – 11/6/2020

A little while ago, a map published by the New York Times showed where COVID-19 cases were spiking the most in the nation. Areas hit hardest by the virus were dark red, and while you might think densely-populated urban centers would dominate the map, there was one area that stood out from the rest.

Northeast Wisconsin has been a hotbed for COVID-19 cases for some time now, for a plethora of reasons. But people in the community had still been holding out hope that Lambeau Field might still open up its gates for fans yet this season. After all, mask signs and other social distancing reminders had been installed at the stadium earlier last month, leading some to believe maybe fans at games would be a possibility.

Now it looks like those signs will be for any fans that might go to games in 2021 after the Packers released a statement this week announcing an indefinite hold on any fans at games.

In the statement, the team notes “In order to host fans, the area will need to see a significant improvement in the rate of hospitalizations, as well as in the community infection and positivity rates. This is based on recommendations from community healthcare and public health officials.” Team President/CEO Mark Murphy did note that all hope may not be lost. “If the situation improves in the community and state, we’ll be in position to safely welcome fans to games at Lambeau Field yet this season.” Murphy noted in the statement.

Green Bay is next home November 15th against Jacksonville, and is currently dealing with another player testing positive after last night’s win over San Francisco.