Brewers’ San Antonio Minor League Affiliate Dropping to Double-A

By Adam Roberts – 11/20/2020

Minor league baseball is a section of sports that has both A) been completely ravished by COVID-19, and B) not discussed all that much about at the top levels of sports talk. Major realignment is coming to MiLB, and teams are rising up to and falling down to different levels on a seemingly daily basis.

One of those dipping down are the San Antonio Missions, the Brewers now-previously Triple-A affiliate. They will be returning to the AA level they had been at for a while before a recent jump up, and that leaves the Brewers currently without a Triple-A affiliate.

Reviewing The Brew wrote an article this morning about what the Brewers could do in this situation, laying out the three most likely scenarios that Milwaukee may pursue. It certainly isn’t likely to be the last of these kinds of situations this offseason, and certainly minor league baseball in 2021 will be much different than years in the past.

On a personal note, the RTB article does the community of Fresno, California pretty dirty. I’ve never been, but briefly considered taking a job out there after college, and as Ryan Stiles once put it, I’m sure it’s “a lovely town”.