Bucks Lose Season Opener To Boston 122-121

By Adam Roberts – 12/24/2020

Jayson Tatum banked in a three with 0.4 seconds left to lift the Boston Celtics over the Bucks 122-121, but if you listened to national radio this morning all you’d hear about was how Giannis Antetokounmpo failed to tie the game with a missed second free throw at the foul line.

Giannis finished with a game-high 35 points and 13 rebounds, including 18 points in the final frame. Khris Middleton added 27 points, 14 rebounds and eight assists in the loss, while in his first game with the Bucks Jrue Holiday contributed 25, 6, and 3.

“I’m upset about it” Giannis said about the miss following the game. “Hopefully when I’m in the same position, I can make the next one. That’s the mentality you’ve got to have. But obviously there’s a little bit of a weight on your shoulder…because, if you miss, that’s it for your team.”

Milwaukee will look to bounce back when it hosts the Warriors tomorrow on Christmas.