NBA, NBPA Announce Additional COVID-19 Measures

By Adam Roberts – 1/12/2021

It’s been a shaky start to the 2021 NBA regular season as it pertains to COVID, with several key league stars coming down with the virus and others spotted not following protocols. As a result, the association is doling out additional measures to combat the surge in COVID-19 cases around the league.

The NBA and NBPA have agreed to new protocols in a response to the recent spike in cases. For the next two weeks, the league will require players and staff to remain at their residence at all times except to attend team-related activities, perform essential functions, among other reasons. Pre-game meetings will be limited to no more than ten minutes and all attendees must wear a face mask. Players must also limit interactions to elbow and fist bumps, avoid extended socializing, and wear a mask on the bench at all times. “Cool down chairs” will be created where masks will not be required, but will be arranged 12 feet apart.

The Milwaukee Bucks are at Detroit tomorrow.