Bucks Executive Alex Lasry Receives COVID-19 Vaccine at Age 33

By Adam Roberts – 1/29/2021

Currently, individuals age 65 or older can apply for a COVID-19 vaccine along with people in certain positions such as front-line health care workers, first responders, police, and firefighters.

That apparently also includes Bucks executives.

Alex Lasry, son of co-owner Marc Lasry, was reportedly able to receive a COVID vaccine by way of his wife’s uncle who had extra doses at the senior center where he serves as a rabbi.

This is certainly interesting, since I feel pretty certain that though I’m only a few years younger than Mr. Lasry, I probably would not be so lucky to be afforded that same opportunity, nor would many other people who are clamoring for a vaccine currently in our state where over 90% of residents are still waiting for the chance at their first dose.

The Bucks face the New Orleans Pelicans on the road tonight.