Report: LA Rams Made Run at Aaron Rodgers Over the Weekend

By Adam Roberts – 2/1/2021

This morning, the talk of national sports radio is the Los Angeles Rams acquiring Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford and dealing Jared Goff to Detroit (the trade won’t be official until next month when the new league year starts but it’s safe to say it’s going through). But reportedly, an even bigger prize was eyed by the Rams’ front office before that deal was reached.

According to numerous sources speaking with the LA Times’ Sam Farmer, the Rams originally built off the hype of all the Aaron Rodgers uncertainty and made a push for Rodgers this past weekend.

“They wanted to upgrade from Jared Goff,” Farmer said. “They felt like there were a certain number of quarterbacks who could do that. I think [Watson] was out of their price range. They made a run at Aaron Rodgers, and the Packers were adamant that they weren’t trading him.” This is despite the fact that at a presser this morning, Packer general manager Brian Gutekunst said there was “no truth” to the report.

Recall last week, when seemingly every national media talking head was trying to link Rodgers to either LA, where he owns property, or San Francisco. Let’s hope the Packers refusing to even seriously listen to offers puts the kibosh on any more Rodgers speculation.