Bucks’ Losing Streak at Three Following 114-109 Loss to OKC

By Adam Roberts – 2/15/2021

After Giannis signed the supermax to stay with the Bucks this past offseason, the expectations for the team were instantly raised. To this point in the 2020-21 season, many would say those expectations haven’t been met.

Even before this recent three-game skid, continued yesterday with a 114-109 loss to Oklahoma City, people weren’t very bullish with how the Bucks have been playing this season. Whether it’s their outside shooting, Giannis’s aversion from shooting outside the paint, or the defensive struggles, some wonder if the team has veered off course, with others suggesting the team may already be outside of it’s championship window.

Of course, the team IS still 16-11 and would be the two seed against the Knicks of all teams if the season ended today. The Bucks will be in the Sunshine State to take on the road warriors from Toronto, who are playing in Tampa due to COVID concerns in their home country.