Bucks Senior VP Alex Lasry Announces Senate Run

By Adam Roberts – 2/17/2021

A member of the Bucks executive team, and son of co-owner Marc Lasry, will make a run at Ron Johnson’s Senate seat in Washington.

33-year-old Alex Lasry announced his intention to run for the seat in 2022 yesterday, marking the first time the Bucks senior VP will run for public office despite some experience in the political world serving as host committee chair for the 2020 Democratic National Convention awarded to Milwaukee last year but largely held virtually.

Lasry was a public voice of support while the Bucks made the decision not to take the floor during their first-round playoff series against the Magic last August after the Jacob Blake shooting, and also made headlines last month for receiving an available COVID vaccine at the senior living center in Milwaukee where his wife’s uncle is a rabbi despite not being in a Wisconsin priority group.

Lasry joins Outagamie County Executive Tom Nelson as the only two current candidates vying for the seat next year, though others may join the race in the coming months.