Fake Peloton Account Sparked JJ Watt Rumors Today

By Adam Roberts – 3/1/2021

What a return from vacation.

After dealing with a power steering issue with my car this morning, the first thing I see when I log into Twitter at work is that a Peloton account linked to free agent JJ Watt listed Green Bay, Cleveland, and Buffalo. Naturally, the reaction was quick and far-reaching; it even caught me off guard, primarily because a Peloton account was the last place I’d expected to hear news about this. Turns out we had every right to be skeptical and humored at the same time, as the account was a fake.

This proves once again that we need to all collectively take a deeeeep breath when it comes to free agent rumors. This reminder usually comes right after something like this happens and is immediately forgotten until the next such incident occurs. Although you know what could have avoided all of this? If Watt would pick his destination already! (I kid mostly, I’m very aware these decisions have to take time due to all the money at stake).

And so #WattWatch continues today, and you can officially add fake Peloton accounts to all the fake Adam Schefters, Wojs, and others that have played a part in misinformation spread on everyone’s favorite app to hate.