JJ Watt Surprises Many; Joins Arizona Cardinals

By Adam Roberts – 3/1/2021

I found myself saying when this news broke earlier today, this kind of feels like a wet whoopie-cushion fart of an end to #WattWatch.

After many weeks of speculation, culminating today in people thinking a fake Peloton account held news on where JJ Watt would make his new home, Watt announced today he would join the Arizona Cardinals. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports the deal is two years, 31 million dollars with 21 million in guaranteed money. Ultimately, that 31 million dollar mark likely scared away many teams, the Packers included, due to a much smaller cap in an offseason still very much affected by the pandemic.

As for where the Pack look now, likely their draft picks will be the next best chance for a game-changer on defense. Green Bay picks 29th, 61st, 92nd, 136th, 140th, 172nd, and 178th in the 2021 NFL Draft coming up next month.