Athletes Demand NCAA Pull Events From States With Anti-LGBT Sports Bills

By Adam Roberts – 3/10/2021

The debate over barring transgender athletes from participating in sports under their identified gender continues, with several athletes making their stance very clear.

More than 500 college athletes are demanding the NCAA pull its championships from states that have passed or are considering anti-transgender sports measures. They sent a letter to the association saying events should not be held in states that have or are looking to ban transgender-identifying individuals from participating in sports that align with their gender identity. The letter was created by runners from Washington University in St. Louis.

Athletes from 85 different schools, including Duke, Michigan, and Villanova have signed on to the letter. The letter comes after Mississippi and South Dakota have approved bans on transgender girls and women competing, and at least half of other states, including both Wisconsin and Minnesota, have brought up similar measures just this year.