WI Assembly Speaker Supports Transgender Ban in Girls’ and Women’s Sports

By Adam Roberts – 4/19/2021

Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos expressed his hope yesterday on WISN-TV’s “Up Front” program that legislation which would bar transgender girls and women from participating in girls’ and women’s sports in Wisconsin will move forward.

“They very idea that you are going to have people who are physically a different sex competing in sports really hurts the idea of having female athletics be premier across our county” Vos said on the show. “We’re going to have a hearing on it, we’re going to move that legislation forward. I think it’s something that’s broadly supported by the public, that we want to ensure that folks have a right to compete, but they don’t have an unfair advantage just because of a choice that they’re making.”

As we have already seen, a number of similar bills have been introduced in numerous states such as Iowa and South Dakota. The NCAA vehemently opposes the legislation in any state, and has threatened to pull championships and events from states that pass the bills. Governor Tony Evers has already said he will veto any legislation that makes it to his desk.