College Football Playoff Likely Sticking With Four Teams

By Adam Roberts – 4/23/2021

While some people believe The College Football Playoff needs to be expanded to eight, 16 or even more teams to give more teams a shot at the championship, it appears the CFP likely won’t be expanding from its current four teams.

Executive Director Bill Hancock said a working group affirmed its support in keeping the four-team playoff. This comes as the same group has looked at more than 60 possible changes, which include a playoff of up to 16 teams. Some fans have clamored for an expansion as teams like Alabama and Clemson routinely make the playoff and play for the title.

The management committee did present some possibilities for future expansion, with models including six, eight, 10, 12, and 16 teams. The current agreement doesn’t expire until after the 2025 season, meaning any change would likely be years away anyways.

Alabama is the defending national champion heading into next season, while Wisconsin finished well outside of the Top 25 at 4-3.