Packers Draft CB Eric Stokes

By Adam Roberts – 4/30/2021

Days like yesterday happen maybe once every few years or so, where just about all the news coming across your desk/phone makes you wonder “what’s next?”

I had one foot out the door of the station at about 2:20 yesterday afternoon, ready to head over to Buffalo Wild Wings to get ready for the NFL Draft Show, and so naturally that’s when the Schefter tweet was made known to me, followed by a bevy of rumors involving trades, disgruntlement, and he said/he said between Aaron Rodgers and the Packers front office. Then you throw in the Corbin Burnes and Giannis injuries, and I almost forgot we had a draft pick to talk about for Green Bay at 29.

Maybe it was in reaction to the defensive struggles in the NFC Championship Game, maybe it was a slight towards Rodgers, or maybe it was just who Brian Gutekunst thought was the best fit for the team at 29, but Green Bay ended up with Eric Stokes, a cornerback from Georgia.

Here are the notables on Stokes:

  • Speedy cover corner; kept up with the agile receivers in the SEC
  • Excels in zone coverage; good compliment to Jaire Alexander
  • Struggles with consistency and staying in receivers’ hip pockets

His Bleacher Report grade is a 7.7/10, but he was also not projected to go off the board until the third round leaving some wondering if the Packers reached on the pick. We openly discussed during the show last night whether or not Green Bay would trade up like they did last year, and there were certainly weapons they could have gone after such as fellow corner Greg Newsome or wideouts Rashod Bateman and Elijah Moore.

Our coverage picks up again this evening at 5pm, and we should get a Packers pick live at #62.