2021 NFL Draft Third Most-Watched Ever

By Adam Roberts – 5/4/2021

I know from speaking to people who listened to our NFL Draft Show last week that there was certainly intrigue in this year’s draft for Packers fans, more so than in years past. Combining the aura of draft night with the Rodgers drama that exploded earlier that day, and I’m pretty confident in saying we had quite a few ears on the broadcast over the course of the evening. As for the television draft, that certainly didn’t do too shabby, either.

This year’s NFL Draft is one of the most watched ever. The league says it came in third, just behind the past two drafts, in terms of the number of average viewers. The NFL is reporting an average of six-point-one million people watched the event across the TV and digital platforms where it aired.

The 2019 Draft drew six-point-two million sets of eyes. Last year’s draft during the pandemic drew more than eight-million watchers, likely capitalizing on the lack of other sports content at the time last year.