Pfizer To Donate Vaccines For Olympic Athletes

By Adam Roberts – 5/6/2021

The COVID-19 pandemic is certainly not over yet, but around the world nations are trying to continue their return to normal operations. One of the big events this year that is supposed to signify this return to normal are the Summer Olympics, but those events are in jeopardy due to a new COVID case breakout in that country at the moment.

Now one of the world’s major players in the vaccination game is offering to help protect those who will take part in the games should they go on as planned.

Pfizer is donating doses of its COVID-19 vaccine for athletes participating in the Tokyo Summer Olympics. The company has signed an agreement with the International Olympic Committee, or IOC, to give the shots beginning on July 23rd. IOC President Thomas Bach says the donation “is another tool in our toolbox” in an effort to help make the Olympic and Paralympic Games safe. The delivery of the shots will likely start later this month.

The Olympics were postponed an entire year because of the pandemic and it will now take place July 23rd through August 8th. Current estimates indicate Japan has spent nearly 30 billion dollars on the games so far, rivaling what China spent on the games back in 2008.