WI Restaurant Offers Packers QB Free Food, Beer If He Stays

By Adam Roberts – 5/6/2021

We’re a week removed from the news reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter indicating that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is so disgruntled with the team that he reportedly doesn’t want to return. And to say that much speculation has been made in the week since would be a gross understatement. But as of this morning, we still don’t know too much. Perhaps the reason Aaron hasn’t outright stated it’s all hogwash and he does really want to stay in Green Bay is because there hasn’t been a good enough reason to stay. And I’m not talking about high-skill players surrounding him on offense, or a stacked offensive line to protect him, or even a big fat contract extension connected to a dollar amount featuring a bunch of zeros.

I’m talking about the real goods: food and beverage.

We see all the time governors of states that have teams facing each other in big sports championships will wager foods, beverages, and other goodies native to their state for the other should their team lose. It’s clear that the food and drink game is interconnected to the world of sports, so why not entice Rodgers to stay with some good ol’ fashioned Wisconsin cuisine?

It would appear one chain of restaurants is ready to step up and do what it takes to keep the reigning MVP in Titletown.

Mr. Brews Taphouse, a chain with locations across the country but primarily in the Badger State, is making the offer to Rodgers if he finishes his career with the team. The restaurant CEO says they just can’t let him go, calling Rodgers the face of their beloved franchise. They’re begging him to stay with the promise of free food and brews for life. That also extends to his fiancĂ©e, actress Shailene Woodley.

As a side note, this article is not sponsored by Mr. Brews, BUT I did scan their menu off hand while looking up info for the article on an empty stomach. Needless to say I’m shamelessly craving a pulled pork sandwich, cheese curds, and one of their 60-plus beers on tap. Excuse me for a second, I’ll be right back. Gotta make a quick drive to Madison…