TWolves, Lynx Announce Ownership Deal With A-Rod, Lore

By Adam Roberts – 5/14/2021

I know we probably don’t probably have a TON of Timberwolves fans in the area, but I know we do cross over into southeast Minnesota, and if there’s a big enough story involving the Vikings or Twins I certainly make a point of noting it. I feel this is probably one of those kind of stories that necessitates a note.

Former MLB star Alex Rodriguez is set to become an NBA owner. On Friday, the Timberwolves and Minnesota Lynx announced Glen Taylor has reached an agreement with Rodriguez and tech mogul Marc Lore on the sale and future ownership of the teams. ESPN reported Thursday that the transaction is for one-and-a-half billion dollars, and Rodriguez and Lore will be 50-50 partners. The deal will officially close after approval from the NBA.

The deal had been reported on a while ago, but now it is set to become official. It will be important to follow the language of ownership over the first few months of their tenure, given the relocation rumors that have started to pop up around the franchise in recent years.