NFL Gives Approval For Throwback Helmets In 2022

By Adam Roberts – 6/24/2021

While I think many would say the blue and gold Packer throwbacks are pretty cool. BUT…the yellow helmets do not go well with the uniforms at all, and I think most people would agree there also.

Unfortunately, the Packers and the rest of the league have been pretty limited with what they can do in situations like this due to the NFL’s restrictive rules against alternate helmets. This rule was put in place eight ago for safety reasons, and while grumblings about it have cropped up from time to time, no real change seemed evident.

Until today, that is.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported earlier today that the NFL has approved alternate helmets for throwback uniforms starting in the 2022 season.¬†According to ProFootballTalk, the second helmet could also be used with an alternate or Color Rush uniform, though they will most likely be utilized for popular throwbacks like those in Philadelphia, Tampa Bay, and New England.

One rule to keep in mind: league spokesman Brian McCarthy said today that teams must tell the NFL of their plans for an alternate color helmet for next season by July 31.