Aaron Rodgers Competes In “The Match” Today

By Adam Roberts – 7/6/2021

Yes this is a Rodgers story. No, it does not revolve around his standing with the team.

Today, Aaron will team up with Bryson DeChambeau in a competition against Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady at Moonlight Basin in Big Sky, Montana as part of this year’s edition of “The Match”. The golf exhibition has been a highly popular event for TNT each year, with last year’s events featuring Mickselon, Brady, Tiger Woods, and Peyton Manning in May and Mickelson, Manning, Charles Barkley, and Steph Curry in November.

Rodgers is of course no stranger to the links; he’s said his best handicap was a 3.5, roughly four and a half strokes better than Brady. Tom does have the above experience in this event, however, including a hole out. Both players have also played in celebrity pro-ams before, with Rodgers placing eighth in the American Century Championship back in 2017.

In any case, the play-by-play will be chock full of all that sweet, sweet Rodgers-Packers drama speculation, in case you haven’t had your fix in a while…