Aaron Rodgers And Bryson DeChambeau Win “The Match”

By Adam Roberts – 7/7/2021

While the highlight of the event was probably all those juicy sound bites I told you would come out of the event, there was still a charity golf match played in Montana yesterday between the teams of Aaron Rodgers-Bryson DeChambeau and Phil Mickelson-Tom Brady.

Rodgers and DeChambeau closed out Mickelson and Brady to win The Match on Tuesday. Win the victory, they accrued 200 thousand dollars for the North Valley Community Foundation. The duo used a strong back nine to turn back Mickelson and Brady in the fourth installment of the event.

Rodgers was of course peppered with questions on his future in Green Bay, and as you’d expect we got no answers about anything related to that future out of the multi-MVP quarterback. The next event coming up will be training camp later this month, and if Rodgers holds out of that the fine money, and speculation, will REALLY start to climb.