Packers and WR Davante Adams Have Broken Off Extension Talks

By Adam Roberts – 7/23/2021

When this headline was read aloud by Steve “Sparky” Fifer on The Wendy’s Big Show this afternoon, it elicited a yawn from the show’s Leroy Butler. But I’m sure not everyone is yawning today.

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport: It’s not just Aaron Rodgers: The Packers and star WR Davante Adams have broken off long-term extension talks. There are no current plans to resume them. The two sides have been negotiating for months, but they are now in a bad place, sources say. First the QB, now the No. 1 WR.” Continued Rapoport: “The Packers and Davante Adams’ reps worked behind the scenes to get a deal done. The proposals have not acknowledged Adams as the highest paid WR, sources say. Green Bay’s classic structure has led to limited options. Now, talks are off with just a few days to go before camp.”

There still is no word for certain on what will happen next week when training camp begins on Wednesday with regards to Rodgers. All signs would indicate that he will be present for the mandatory start of camp, but no party has confirmed this fact. Now add on top of that this Adams news, and it’s no wonder why some in the state are likely clinging tightly to the euphoria of a Bucks’ championship. This training camp could be a very frustrating one for those who don’t live for drama.