Aaron Rodgers Arrives In Green Bay

By Adam Roberts – 7/27/2021

For those who don’t know me too well, I’ve often thought I have some sort of weird gift/curse. Whenever I leave on any kind of vacation, something big tends to happen while I’m away.

Back in 2008, I went up to my family’s cabin up north for a weekend; while I was gone, a tremendous storm flooded my hometown of Fond du Lac and dealt with a historic amount of damage. A tornado also passed closely by Fondy while I was away camping with my grandparents even before that.

And yesterday as I returned from a remote backpacking trip, while not as severe as damaging weather, Aaron Rodgers officially returned to Green Bay as training camp begins and a highly dysfunctional offseason ends.

As for the all-important fine print, the Packers and Rodgers are finalizing a deal before the start of training camp today. Rodgers is expected to play with Green Bray through 2021 while they are working towards the final stages of a reworked contract. His original contract had him with Green Bay until after the 2023 season, but under the reported concessions the team is offering to Aaron, that year would be voided in addition to making 2022 a year where Rodgers will have more control over his future.

Despite Rodgers’ arrival early this morning, the media circus is just getting started. Expect reporters to pepper Rodgers at his first media availability during camp, and for the questioning to continue for camp’s entirety. This, along with the continued struggle to secure wide receiver Davante Adams for the long-term, will ensure the 2021 Packers’ training camp is the most touchy since the end of the Favre era.