Packers QB Aaron Rodgers Won’t Play During Preseason

By Adam Roberts – 8/10/2021

This article is probably the easiest one I’ve had to write in some time, because the content within should be common knowledge to anyone who follows the Packers in any capacity.

Head coach Matt LaFleur confirmed at his presser today that quarterback Aaron Rodgers will likely not play any portion of the 2021 preseason, meaning the ball will be in the hands of 2nd-year QB Jordan Love.

When it comes to a quarterback with the stature (and age) of Rodgers, playing in the preseason is pretty much out of the question at this point. The last time he played in any preseason action was in 2018, and that wasn’t anything beyond a single series.

This decision means that Love will be in a game for the first time as a Packer; his last performance was in the 2020 Senior Bowl. To his credit, Love has said he is quite excited for an opportunity at getting action in-game; his Family Night was a bit of a delicate balance between excellent deep passes and difficulties handling snaps.

Green Bay opens the preseason Saturday at Lambeau against Houston.