‘Field Of Dreams’ Game Set For This Evening

By Adam Roberts – 8/12/2021

While by no means a Cubs fan in any capacity, one of my bucket list places to go watch a baseball game is Principal Park in Des Moines, Iowa, site of the Triple A Iowa Cubs. Between the clean facility and the view of the state capitol building in left field there seems to be a very home-y feel to the stadium, which is in conjunction with feelings travelers have often associated with this part of the country.

Of course, the idea of major league baseball in Iowa has long been shrugged off due to the market just not being there and the teams that occupy the surrounding area.

Until tonight, when two major league franchises will descend upon a makeshift ball field at the edge of a large batch of corn.

The first-ever regular season Major League Baseball game to be played in Iowa is set for this evening and it’s definitely being play up as a big deal. The Chicago White Sox will play the New York Yankees in the “Field Of Dreams” game. The game is being played at the site of the 1989 film near Dyersville, Iowa. The film’s star Kevin Costner has already given the stadium his seal of approval. The game was originally expected to be played last season but was postponed over COVID concerns.

The field will be built to hold up to 8,000 fans.