Big Ten, Pac 12, ACC Reportedly Contemplating Alliance

By Adam Roberts – 8/20/2021

For those of you not familiar with professional wrestling history, back in 2001 the WWF purchased WCW and soon after members of the latter company began to “invade” Monday Night Raw. This resulted in WWF wrestlers forming a kayfabe “Alliance” to fight against the WCW wrestlers. Without getting to into it, The Alliance was ultimately a very poorly executed television idea but it still has it’s importance in the history of the now WWE.

Let’s hope this reported college football alliance works out a bit better.

ESPN reports┬áthe Big Ten, ACC and Pac-12 are expected to formally announce an alliance between the three leagues in the next 7-10 days, according to multiple sources involved in the conversations. However, the substance of that agreement remains uncertain. The move comes in response to the SEC announcing they will absorb both Texas and Oklahoma from the Big 12 in a few years. The initial talks involved all sports, although it could be whittled down to just football and men’s and women’s basketball. There’s also the matter of future scheduling contracts the leagues may have with SEC schools that has to be figured out.

We’ll of course be keeping an eye on this story and will pass along more info as it becomes available.