NBA Official: No Pay For Games Missed Because Of Vax Requirements

By Adam Roberts – 9/29/2021

While at the moment the decision only effects players on three NB teams, a league official says players who aren’t able to compete in cities with COVID vaccine mandates won’t be paid.

The league’s executive vice president of communications Mike Bass confirmed that news in a statement ahead of the start of the league’s preseason schedule. New York City and San Francisco have vaccine mandates. Those cities are home to the New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets, and Golden State Warriors.

Net Kyrie Irving has become the public face of players in the NBA who have not received a COVID vaccine yet, and it’s still not known when or if he will receive one. Irving missed the team’s media day this week. The Knicks have said all players are vaccinated.

Players who are only visiting for a game aren’t subject to the mandate.