Packers Receive NFL Approval For Potential Stock Sale

By Adam Roberts – 10/27/2021

Packer fans, get your wallets potentially ready if you are in a financial position to buy team stock!

It appears as though the team has received the initial approval from the NFL to conduct their sixth sale of team stock in franchise history.

Though nothing has been set in stone just yet with regulatory hurdles still needing to be cleared, it would be the first time people have been able to buy Packers stock since 2011, when the 250,000 share purchases helped fund a new entrance tower and viewing platform to Lambeau Field plus around 6,600 new south end zone seats.

As for what a new stock sale would fund, the team says around 250 million dollars worth of concourse upgrades, new video boards, and other stadium improvements would be included.

“We appreciate the consideration of Commissioner Goodell and the support from the NFL for our potential stock sale,” Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy said. “Should we proceed with an offering, we would also have to take regulatory steps and other actions. We are exploring such steps and intend to keep our fans informed of further developments when we are able.”

It’s important to note that an investment in Packers “stock” does not function like other stock purchases one can make in that it doesn’t appreciate, cannot be sold back to the team, and that it should not be purchased to attempt making a profit or other economic benefits. Packer stock can also not be transferred.