Farve Repays 600-K To Mississippi; Still Owes 200-K In Interest

By Adam Roberts – 10/28/2021

The money issues facing former Packer icon Brett Favre aren’t over yet, even though a sizable chunk of his debt to the state of Mississippi has been paid back.

The Green Bay Packer and Pro Football Hall of Famer still owes over 200-thousand bucks after already paying back 600-grand.

According to Mississippi state auditor Shad White, the money from the state welfare agency was paid to Farve as compensation for speeches he never made. The repayment comes after White’s office sent Farve a letter demanding the return of the 600-thousand, plus 228-thousand in interest.

While Favre is not faced with any criminal charges, White said he will ask Attorney General Lynn Fitch to file a lawsuit against him if he doesn’t make the interest payment within the original 30-day deadline specified in the demand letter.