One Final Farewell

By Adam Roberts – 11/4/2021

Anyone who knows me well knows I fumble my words sometimes when trying to say something ultra meaningful, so I’ll keep my thoughts very quick and concise.

Today is my final day at ESPN La Crosse 105.5. After nearly five years at the position, I’ll be heading out to the next chapter of my story.

There’s so many people to thank for making my time here an incredible experience. I have to start with the late William Hoffman, our former station manager. He saw in me a 23 year old looking for their first full-time chance in this crazy world called radio broadcasting. Back in 2017 I had to choose between this position and a television production job in Fresno, California. Needless to say, I think my skills were put to better use staying in an area I’ve come to love very much. And none of it would have been possible if Willy didn’t take a chance on me that day.

I also have to thank Ben, our station’s program director, and John Poppadopoulos. They both have been treasure troves of advice and knowledge on how this industry functions on and off mic. They both are highly talented individuals that our company is very blessed to have had for so long, and I know they’ll both make sure the next person to hold this position is even more prepared to give you the best area sports radio coverage possible.

I also want to thank all the incredible reporters, anchors, writers, announcers, and highlight gatherers that help cover local sports in the La Crosse area. People like Rick Wilson, Scott Emerich, Todd Sommerfeldt, Karley Marotta, Nate Beier, Ken Kosirowski, and Gregg Wavrunek were people I looked up to as I was working my way to this point as people willing to go wherever and whenever there is local sports to cover.

I want to send a HUGE thanks to all the coaches, athletes, athletic directors, parents, and administrators I’ve worked with, interviewed, or emailed over last five years. The work that goes into making sports happen, especially during the pandemic, can’t be understated. I’ve seen with my own eyes how much planning and executing happens to make every area contest go off with as few hitches as possible. You all are absolutely amazing and should be commended for all your hard work.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who has listened to ESPN La Crosse 105.5 or ESPN 102.1 since I started in 2017. We do our very best to provide you with quality local and state sports coverage, and I hope that you feel I’m leaving the station in a better place than it was when I arrived. I feel incredibly thankful anytime someone comes up to me while I’m in La Crosse and says “Hey, you’re the guy who does the local sports updates on ESPN!” I’ll always appreciate the beauty that comes with working in a small market and hope I can bring that same feel to the next stop on my journey.

I’ve been incredibly honored to work at ESPN La Crosse 105.5, and I know the next person who fills this position will do amazing work.

So for one final time, with this article…

I’m Adam Roberts.