It’s All About Timing for the Pack

By Karl Sessions – 11/8/2021

Monday morning, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson tweeted, “It’s Time”.

That “time” is his return to the Seattle starting lineup — ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that Wilson has been officially cleared to play this Sunday, after suffering a finger injury in October, requiring surgery.

The surgeon performing Wilson’s operation, Dr. Steve Shin, says he is “absolutely amazed at his progress, so much so that (he) can confidently clear him for full return to play without reservation.”

Dr. Shin may be “absolutely amazed”, but perhaps not as much as the Packers, who are up next on the Seahawks schedule — all while the Pack is in the middle of a mess with their QB situation.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was absent for their game against the Chiefs after testing positive for COVID-19 last week. The positive test set off a chain reaction of information and protocol questions, that ended with the revelation that Rodgers had not been vaccinated against the virus, The controversy arising from this is not that Rodgers wasn’t vaccinated — it’s that many feel he implied he had after being asked at a press conference last summer.

The rules for returning to activity for unvaccinated players testing positive would put Rodgers back on the field November 13th — one day before the matchup with Wilson and the Seahawks. Should Rodgers remain unavailable, Packers backup Jordan Love would make his second career start in as many weeks. With Russell Wilson back under center for the Seahawks, the combination could prove worrisome for Green Bay.

The Packers will return to Lambeau Field in Green Bay to host the Seahawks this Sunday, with a 3:25pm CST kickoff.