Packers’ A-Rod Takes #2 Spot on a Not-So-Great List

By Karl Sessions – 11/17/2021

Packer QB Aaron Rodgers has been beat out by the one and only Tom Brady once again — but, this time, that could be a good thing.

Michigan Online Gambling site recently conducted a nationwide survey of NFL fans to find out who they think are the league’s biggest complainers. Once again, as it has been years running, Tom Brady took the honors.

The margin for Brady’s “win”, however, is not what it once was. Rodgers tailed closely behind for the second spot in this year’s survey — in part, no doubt, to the offseason drama surrounding Aaron’s perceived unhappiness with the Packers front office and whether or not he would show up to play this season.

The survey also looked at which team’s fans complain the most — while not quite reaching the “heights” of Rodgers, Packer fans did come in 6th. The biggest whiner fans in the league award from this survey goes to the Cowboys fanbase. The Bears fans came in at #8, while the Vikings were in the bottom half at #18.

That big #6 vs #18 matchup comes this Sunday when the Vikings host the Packers with a Noon kickoff.

See the entire story and survey results here.

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