Nathaniel Hackett Hired as Broncos Head Coach

By: Aaron Morse 1/27/2022

The Packers will be looking for a new offensive coordinator for next year. The reason- Nathaniel Hackett has been hired by the Denver Broncos as their next head coach. It seemed like from start this was the most likely of outcomes and it has come to fruition. The Broncos have had their eye on Aaron Rodgers since the day Adam Schefter released the breaking news of an unhappy Rodgers. Obviously, the Broncos were unable to acquire Rodgers in last off-season, so hiring his offensive coordinator, a guy Rodgers really, really likes working with, seemed to be the next logical step in luring Rodgers to Denver.

And as you just heard, Rodgers really likes Luke Getsy, too. Currently, Getsy is the Packers QB coach and passing game coordinator and is a candidate to re-join Hackett in Denver as his offensive coordinator. It would be the first time Getsy was hired as a coordinator, but Hackett would certainly be heavily involved. Oh, and Getsy was also interviewed for the Broncos head coach position.

Coincidence? Maybe. Will it work? Maybe. We will have to wait until the franchise tag deadline for that, according to Rodgers:

Hackett has been in football since day one. His father Paul was an offensive coordinator for multiple college and NFL teams. Nathaniel followed in those footsteps and was an offensive coordinator with the Bills (’13-’14), and Jaguars (’16-’18) before he joined the Packers. He had been the Packers offensive coordinators for all three seasons that Matt LaFleur has been the Packers head coach. Since then, the Packers have won 13 games in three straight seasons, the first team in NFL history to ever do that. They have also earned a playoff bye each season, two of them as the one seed, the offense has clicked very well leading to Rodgers winning an MVP and on his way to a second straight.

Clearly, Hackett has the resume and the knowledge to be a head coach and he credits a lot of that to Rodgers and the Packers culture.

Now we wait and see if Hackett brings some of that Packers culture with him to Denver. Whether it be Getsy, Adam Stenovich (O-Line coach) or even Aaron Rodgers, the Packers have some hiring to do.